you have made a piñata out of my heart

2 min readMay 5


Poem by Halle Preneta — 5/5/23

TW: sexual assault

Photo by Lowes Takes Photos on Unsplash

a punching bag out of my body that

you attack with broken lips

my vagina just target practice for your dick

but i am not an archery range

or a punching bag

or rainbow confetti during someone’s birthday party

i am only a person

a person with a body and a brain and only so much love to give you

because i still haven’t learned how to save some for myself yet

i gave you the most precious thing i will ever have

and all you did was use it,

threw it away when you were done with it

is that all we are to you?

just playthings in playgrounds?

just Sid’s demolished toys from Toy Story?

just the ashes of burned love letters full of words you’ll never say?

well, i am not a laboratory for your experimentation or a playground or ashes from a funeral

i am only me

this is only what you’ll get

and if you can’t deal with that,

if you want “something more”,

if you only want something you can destroy without repercussions

like everything else you’ve destroyed in your path,

then I suggest you get the hell out of my way

because you don’t wanna mess with the sun

unless you wanna get burned.