Untitled Poem 1

I remember you

singing in a bar in Queens.

The yellow spotlights ruffled

in your greying hair

as your partner’s whoops fade

into the hollering crowd of drunks and maniacs.

Your melody vibrating throughout the room,

making all colors more vibrant

like a highlighter slashed through the air.

The whole world lives at 110%

when you’re singing on that stage.

Taking up space in the universe

like you don’t even care.

Making me learn where beauty lies.

In the lights dancing throughout your hair.

In a voice like a river on a warm summer day.

In your splotched skin peeking out from behind black dresses

and red lipstick.

You taught me that beauty lives inside everything.

In smooth young hands and wrinkled older foreheads.

In patches of lilies sprouting along riverbanks in May.

In little brown pugs that bark and huge black crows that scream.

In trees and churches and graveyards.

Everything can have a life

if you try hard enough.

My sister always wanted me

to make inanimate objects talk back to us.

I didn’t realize it was her version

of making our grey world

a little brighter.

Her weird but cute way

of seeing the world around us.

Her weird but cute way

of reminding me why I live.

Every day that goes by where a dog hasn’t talked,

I need to know what it says.

Every day that goes by where the birds haven’t sung,

my world becomes a little darker.

Every day that goes by where I haven’t heard your voice,

I try to make it sing lovely melodies in my head

like you did back in Queens

so I don’t go insane.

My sister taught me

that everything has a voice

and all voices must be heard.

So the next time you need a reminder to live,

I’ll tell you to make the dog talk.

Make the birds sing.

Tell me the thoughts of the river.

Show me how you see the world.

I’ll make it beautiful

just for you.



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