The Ghost in Your Room

Seeing them together makes you want to cry.

To evict yourself from your own room.

To spill into the cracks in the sidewalk,

hoping no one will notice as you burn away.

You’re suddenly the ghost in your own room.

No one seeing you,

everyone passing right through you,

you just sit there,

rotting away like fruit.

Your organs spilling out of you

reeking of burned meat

and no one seems to care.

It makes your skin crawl.

Your heart beat out of your chest

as you envision them holding hands down the hallway together,

all smiles and laughs,

arms around shoulders,

kissing outside of your room.

You start to wish there could be bleach for your mind

that way, when these thoughts arise,

you can clean them away

into oblivion

because at least without a brain

you won’t have to suffer through the pain

of constantly envisioning him together with someone else

that isn’t you.

Instead, the thoughts sit there,

choking you,

taunting you as

you listen to their voices fade away,

never turning around to see you.

I’m a young aspiring writer trying to figure out life. (She/her)

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I’m a young aspiring writer trying to figure out life. (She/her)

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