Portrait of Nostalgia

When you’re depressed,

they don’t tell you the one thing you’ll want

is to be a kid again.

Play Wii Sports,

specifically bowling,

make the ball go backwards

cause it always makes you laugh.

Run around your backyard,

explore your woods like you’re on a centuries long expedition.

Find broken glass

and old doll heads

and abandoned basketballs.

Play with small dolls

and accordion like tubes

that make fun noises when you pull them

and bounce in bouncy castles

and on yoga balls too big for your body.

Paint your family as little potatoes

and make lizards out of beads and string

and draw until you don’t know what to draw anymore.


and laugh

and breathe

and have things be simpler again,

not live in constant worry,

in shades of grey,

in blurry photographs

of moments you don’t remember.

No more suffering,

no more hurting,

only the freedom of childhood

splayed out before you,

ready to embrace you away

from the jaws of your own mind.



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