My Chapbook “The Event Horizon” Now Available!!

1 min readApr 23, 2022

“Halle Preneta’s portraits fuse the person that was with the person that we see them as, into something that blends fiction and reality, love shaping both us and them into someone new. Preneta seeks to stave off the ending, but THE EVENT HORIZON reminds us that for those we have loved there can never be a true end, even if sometimes we desire oblivion”

-Sarah Malini, Poet, Author of ‘Decennium’


Inspired by poems written while studying abroad last semester, this book discovers what it means to live. To create a universe for oneself in a new place. The way we form relationships and view the world around us when we’re thrown into places we’ve never been to before. It examines the next step in life after high school, college and the waiting world ahead of us and what it means to make lives for ourselves as independent people. But, most importantly, this book reminds us to live through everything, good and bad.

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