Your energy seeped out

of the rooms you resided in,

sparks extinguished;

A ghost where your body should be.

Where your smile and laugh should be.

Where your swooping hair

and puns and weird jokes

and funny stories and electric eyes

should be.

I wouldn’t be where I am today

if it weren’t for you

and now you’re gone,

your ghost roaming

the halls where you were

a week before,

smiling and laughing

without a care in the world.

Who will bring the life back into

these halls as you’re off

living your best life?

Will it be me?

I keep expecting you

in every corner I turn,

in every car door I hear shut,

in every hallway and room I step in.

I keep expecting to see your smile

brighten the entire sun.

Your eyes full of happiness

and fire and light.

Your laugh like chimes

on a windy day.

And when I receive nothing,

I remember how dead this place feels,

how dead my life feels,

without you.

Like all the stars

were vacuumed out of the sky,

leaving a void of nothingness behind.

I’m a young aspiring writer trying to figure out life. (She/her)