Ever wonder what being in love feels like? That ever growing weight in your chest you can’t get rid of. The smiles you get when you think of them, bright and full of happiness. The feeling like when you’re around them, you can do anything. You can be your true self as long as they’re there alongside you.

This book explores those feelings and more. Get ready to dive into your deepest crushes, your forbidden feelings, and explore love and sexuality as one whole entity.

Get a preview here: https://alienbuddhapress.wordpress.com/2021/06/25/spotlight-3-love-poems-by-halle-preneta/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097VBWZX3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_MNXN6M7DA4D49T6E6R5B

Latin, meaning “to perceive, think, experience, judge, be aware”

You cannot erase her from your head.

You conjure her up when you need her

to feel safe,

to feel cared about,

to feel loved;

to have someone

who will openly listen to you

and never judge you

or turn you away

without a good reason.

She taught you how…

Hands intertwined,

words imprinted on skin

like sleeping on an uneven mattress,

the patterns of the sheet fabric

dancing within your arms

that you’ll find

when you wake,

wondering how they got there

only to realize

our pasts and

words and


follow us like obedient dogs.

You’re careful with our fragile shards.

Your mental buffet rising high,

full of all the china parts of us

we trust you with.

Red and blue flowers blooming

against white kaolin bowls

and silver metal spoons

glittering with the fire of emotions

we keep hidden inside ourselves.

You keep our…

You give away your soul

like I give away my heart.

I crush your bones

as I consume the bread

that’s supposed to be your body.

Doesn’t it hurt?

Constantly giving yourself away

to people who don’t even know you?

I drink the wine

that’s supposed to be your blood.

Seeing them together makes you want to cry.

To evict yourself from your own room.

To spill into the cracks in the sidewalk,

hoping no one will notice as you burn away.

You’re suddenly the ghost in your own room.

No one seeing you,

everyone passing right through you,



I’m a young aspiring writer trying to figure out life. (She/her)

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